I am fortunate enough to have my dream job (and lifestyle) in that I hold a permanent post at the University of Gloucestershire, lecturing in Philosophy. When I’m not teaching or getting bogged down in University administration, I try to attend and present my work at conferences and public talks (generally at my own expense), and try to fit in the time to carry out my own research, thinking about things that are of interest to me: which pretty much covers any philosophical issue, from ethics to politics to science to religion. And I guess that’s why I love philosophy; it covers pretty much everything and I can develop my knowledge in so many different areas.

My official and professional website can be found here: www.emilyryall.net

Other than my academic and professional work, I love sport and physical activity. My main sport was rugby, having started when I first when to University and later playing for Bristol, London Saracens and Clifton as well as various representative levels for England. Unfortunately I’ve had to retire now due to too many injuries and a change in attitude towards pain, so have changed my involvement and am now a director of Storm7, a rugby 7s team. I do still enjoy playing sport and still play touch rugby, racquet sports, and have recently started handball. I would love to be able do more with my body in a sporting capacity but now am resigned to wait for technology to solve all my physical limitations.

My life seems to be a delicate balance of reading, thinking and writing, and getting out and having fun. But then I guess that is what makes it a good life, or achieving ‘eudaimonia’ as Aristotle called it.

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