The responsibility of second home owners

I was disappointed to hear on the news today that there have been two hundred objections to the building of a jetty on the Helford that would enable local fishermen to conduct their business in an easier and more efficient way.
It appears that the vast majority of objections come from the owners of second homes in the area (which make up a massive 75% of the local housing stock) on the grounds that a jetty and the subsequent road to the jetty will reduce the aesthetic beauty of the area.
Now, I certainly don’t have an issue with the actual objection (for aesthetic quality of environment is related to the issue of well-being) but rather with those that are making the objection, i.e. those that are not trying to make a (small) living in that very area. By fortune or merit, those second home owners have (by definition) a substantial financial income or asset, and they are showing little respect or empathy with the local population. In a county that receives objective one funding from Europe for its relative deprivation, where wages are among the lowest in the country and the local population struggle to become home owners, the insensitivity shown by these second home owners is gut-wrenching.
Cornwall should not be seen as a playground for the rich to come down and enjoy the beauty it offers but rather a place where real people live trying to make their livelihood. And that is something I urge those objectors to remember.